About Crafters & Makers

Crafters & Makers is a studio set up by Jane Gordon. It is a safe space where people can learn to craft, make and sew.

Jane has always been a maker, she learned to sew with her mother during her childhood.

In 1998 she completed a degree in 3D Furniture Product Design before heading straight into the world of Costume and Prop Making. She has worked on the West End and also for Film and Carnival events. She still enjoys making costumes and props now in her studio in Hoylake.

Alongside her busy career, Jane has also worked as an artist in residence in schools, museums and within a community setting. Her passion for working with children and within the community was fostered at the age of 11, when she volunteered at the Mencap Play Schemes. It has continued to grow in the years that followed.

At her Crafters & Makers studio in Hoylake, she teaches sewing skills to people of all ages. She also continues to design and create costumes and works with schools and children’s groups whenever she can.

Jane also has an interest in fabric sustainability. She is driven to reduce the amount of fabric waste and been integral in introducing the Fabric Donation Station. She is currently designing zero waste patterns for dressmaking and is hoping to teach them in her classes.

At Crafters & Makers we want to:

  • Enable people to have the confidence to ask, ‘How do I make that?’ and then give them the skills to make it.
  • Establish a community so likeminded individual can meet other Crafters and Makers.
  • Teach the value of the materials we use and to consider its source and long-term sustainability.
  • Engage with the ethos of Up-cycle, Re-use and Recycle and encourage others to do so too.
  • Design and create to life zero waste patterns in order to benefit the environment.
  • Develop the skills of others in pattern-making, sewing and craft.
  • Consciously design products with the full lifecycle of item in mind.
  • Explore and research new materials in order to develop and share the knowledge.
  • Inspire and be inspired!