EYFS residencies

Throughout my work with children, I have experienced many projects working with Early Years Settings, some projects longer than others, with several as long term residences.

One of these longer term residences was based at Hastings Children and Family Centre, branching out to other Hastings and St Leonards settings over a 3 year project.  The first year, I spent as an artist in one setting working one day a week alongside the children, responding to and facilitating their creative learning.  The second and third year saw the project grow, while I continued as lead artist, working and supporting artists in other settings.  My role in this position was also to document this work.  Based on the quality of my documentation, the decision was made by the Hastings and St Leonards Children and Families centre alongside West Sussex Council to add edited content from my work into an e-book called the Early Years Creativity Toolkit.

Click here to see a PDF version of this E-book

EYCreativity Toolkit
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