Quilted Banners

At The Seaside Primary School in Lancing, I worked alongside another artist Jane Brunning, to work with all of the year groups throughout the school.  In Key stages 1 and 2, we worked with the children to design and produce large quilted banners to be hung in the corridor of the new school building.

Each class had a different theme which was inspired by the local area.  Using this theme, all of the children designed, and used fabric collage to create their own element of the banner.  These elements were then combined into the full banner.  The borders were made by printing fabric with printing blocks made by the children.

Each class used different techniques using different materials.

Once all of the individual parts of the banners had been created and put together in the classroom Myself and Jane Brunning backed them with wadding and a backing and we quilted through the layers and added a hanging rail so that the finished pieces could be hung in the large corridor.

yr 2