The Sorted! interactive performance was part of a much bigger project called ‘Open Sesame’

I worked as 1 of 6 lead artists working under the guidance of the Arts and Creativity Office at West Sussex Council.  Each lead artist had a trainee artist and worked with them and early years practitioners in different nurseries across Sussex and Surrey.  The lead Artists (visual artists, musicians and dance artists) developed and delivered training days for the early years practitioners and trainees.  We also worked together during professional development days to produce an interactive performance that could be set up in early years settings, nurseries and halls.  The performance, called ‘Sorted’ and was adaptable and transportable.  It was designed so that the story led the children through the performance and could move on at the speed of the children who found props along the way.  The story began for each early years setting when they received a parcel addressed to them in the post a few days before the performance, inviting them to join us and giving them some props to start their journey….