The Fabric Donation Station

At Crafters and Makers, we have an area set aside for donated fabrics.  Over the years, as someone who sews, I find that I am often given fabrics by others because they are not going to be used and they think I may find a use for them.  Unfortunately I do not have enough hours in the day to use all of the fabrics that I have been given so I decided to set up the donation station.  All fabric in the donation station is free to anyone who will find a use for it – and if you are able to donate some pennies or pounds to our chosen charity ‘The Brain Charity’ in Liverpool then we have a collection tin available.

The donation station is a way of making sure that unwanted fabrics find a home and are used to make something new.  If you are looking for something perhaps a bit vintage, 100% cotton pieces for patch-working or you use small offcuts for your artwork, we probably have something here that you can make use of.  We have pieces large enough for full dressmaking projects and a lot of heavier weight fabrics that are ideal for cushions or bags. You’ll be surprised at what you might find.

The fabric that is wasted during the manufacture of clothes is enormous but also there is wastage even on a small maker scale.  This is just one local way of up-cycling fabrics so that they do not end up in landfill.

So before you head off to buy something new, pop by here and see if there is anything you can use first.  If we are in the studio, then you are welcome to come and have a browse, we don’t have any fixed opening times as classes vary but we are often here making things or running a class.

If you would like to donate some fabrics then we can take some off your hands whenever we have space.  Please contact us first to check that we are in a position to take on more.

Here are some pictures of the kinds of fabrics we have and some of the projects we have made using the donation station fabrics.  Please send us your pictures of things you have made using the donated fabrics